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Different Flower Types and Their Meanings

July 22, 2017


Flowers have different meanings and carry different emotions as well. From passionate romance and valuable friendship, innocent affection or solemn sympathy, they can express thoughts, and feelings that one cannot express with words.

Here are different types of flowers and their meanings:

Ginger flowers

Ginger flowers are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They are attractive bring life to any type of occasion.




Birds of paradise

These colors come in orange. They have a bird-like shape, and that’s where they get their name from. They are stunning and found all year round.


Tulips only grown in a certain season and hence not easily available. If you love tulips then spring is the best time to get them. They are extremely bright and are available in different colors. They are also cheerful and lively. Tulips can be found in plano tx flower shop.


Lilies grow all year around, and hence are easily available. Lilies are known to represent youthful innocence and modesty. However, many see the lilies as feminine flowers.


Carnations represent so many things at the same time. For instance, the red versions means you love someone and think of them. The white ones say you are available.


Gerberas are ornamental pieces. They come from the same family sunflowers. They grow throughout the year and come in different colors. If you have a friend or lover, these are the perfect flowers to express friendship and affection.


Sunflowers grow throughout the year because they are tropical plants. Sunflowers are spontaneous and cheerful. They represent adoration and sunshine.


The hydrangeas are grown in many places and can be found easily. The flowers are quite unique and come with some amazing features. They also grow in a number of colors and can change the look of any kind of environment.






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